THE dangerous symptoms that alert of high cholesterol and healthy diet to treat them

Cholesterol in the human body is a type of fat that is responsible for contributing to the proper functioning of our body, but although it is necessary for our body to be healthy when there is much more than normal it can be very dangerous, we want to show you what are the symptoms of high cholesterol and how to keep it at bay, in this way you will maintain health for much longer in an optimal state.


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How to know the symptoms of high cholesterol


One of the main functions of cholesterol in our body is to intervene in the formation of bile acids , in this way our body manages to digest fats in an effective way, is also in charge of training of different sex hormones. Weight loss treatment Cambridgeshire



But despite being good for some things this ends up being very dangerous for the human body if we have a high amount in the body and the most frequent problem is that people who suffer from the symptoms of high cholesterol, ignore that they actually suffer from this problem and only think or associate it with other pathologies.


Ignoring the symptoms of high cholesterol can lead to complications much more serious and can even make us suffer from liver problems and the cardiovascular system.


Cholesterol tests



The best way to corroborate these symptoms of high cholesterol is to perform a blood test so that you can actually know how high it stays.


What are the symptoms of high cholesterol? Because


The dangers that this disease can cause must have the predictions and know how to identify the symptoms very well to be able to act immediately, for this we bring you a list with the symptoms of high cholesterol that you should have consider.


Dry mouth and halitosis ( bad breath ) constant. 


Stomachiness and constipation after consuming high-fat foods.


Sensation of heaviness in the body and pain in the area of the liver.


Have gas and burp continuously after eating.




Sleep after eating and fatigue after eating.


Intolerance to food .


Headache after eating.


Dizziness and loss of balance.


Constant itching on the skin.


Swelling in the lower or upper limbs.


Blurred vision or difficulty to fix the vision.


Tachycardia due to moderate physical effort.

All these symptoms can lead to a similar problem if it is not treated in time, do not forget that your health is the most important , to control the rise in cholesterol or cure this evil once and for all you can also choose to maintain a balanced diet.


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How to regulate cholesterol naturally


The best way to regulate cholesterol is adapting our diet , because if we take medications it is very safe that we can lower the levels but if We do not modify our eating habits, it will be very difficult to maintain regulated cholesterol levels.


The following foods should be included in our diet, since they have an excellent nutritional value:


Fresh fruits without preservatives. 


All the vegetables 


Fresh and untreated vegetables. 


Non-fat milk and natural milk 


Cereals. Extra virgin 


olive oil


White meats (breasts and fish). 




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For the preparation of dishes we must eliminate the use of vegetable oils and fried foods, or otherwise reduce it as much as possible, choose to eat steamed or grilled.


What should we not eat? 




Red meats in excess.


Junk food (hamburgers, hot-dogs and others).


Sweets and candies


Milk cream


Mayonnaise and matequillas.




Which is bad for cholesterol



By knowing the dangers of high cholesterol you should be aware and keep your diet at bay, so that you keep your cholesterol controlled as much as possible, we have already shown you what are the symptoms of high cholesterol , we hope that with this information you can improve your health and avoid eating fats that harm you.