Teeth Whitening Methods: Choosing the Right Way to Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

Having whiter teeth is a dream that touches everyone and industrialists have understood (always on the lookout these manufacturers …).


New miracle products therefore bloom regularly to restore a natural whiteness to our teeth.


In the forefront, we find the innumerable toothpastes containing low concentrated hydrogen peroxide.


But what are the results of all these teeth whitening products?


Dose of ridiculous hydrogen peroxide = zero result!

The dose of hydrogen peroxide contained in these products is very very low, ie 0.01% …


I solemnly announce, it is impossible to get Teeth Whitening Birmingham with such a low dosage, especially when we know that the average brushing time is 47 seconds when it should be 3 minutes.


A story of calculation:

So I’m doing the math, with a 47-second brushing and a 0.01% peroxide dose, it would take 40 years to clear your teeth with a whitening toothpaste!


And whiteness chewing gums?

After chewing gums that “cleanse”, have arrived chewing gums whitening.


In general, it is clear that with a sugar-free chewing gum or toothpaste, when we clean our teeth, they look whiter.


It is important to distinguish between cleaned teeth and thinned teeth with hydrogen peroxide treatment as the only true tooth whitening treatment.


The whiteness kits:

Very easy to find, these kits use hydrogen peroxide in low concentration.


They are not more effective than toothpastes, but more expensive for sure!


Kits with gutter:

gouttiere teethThe kits often contain a typical gutter unlike whiteness treatments dispensed by dentists. As this gutter is not suitable , it is inevitable that the product does not remain static and will be diluted in the mouth without actually being in contact with the teeth.


Tooth pens

toothpasteVery feminine, this tool has been designed to please women.


The taste is often acidic, because very low dosage, the acidity would allow to penetrate the principle just in contact with the tooth. Do not throw your money out the window!


Smile bars

bar to smileThey are multiplying, responding to a growing demand for the quest for white teeth as in the magazine, as often.


These establishments guarantee you an express whitening, but also a risk taking for your mouth.


If the product is too concentrated, there may be problems with gum burns or necrosis of the tooth.


Smile bars are not sufficiently controlled . It is therefore up to you to ask the right questions and know exactly what are the active ingredients that are not always given by the people who keep these bars smiling.


What solution to whiten your teeth without risks?

thermo formed gutterTo avoid any risk of health, there are intermediate solutions.


Dentists’ offices offer a very effective ambulatory technique:


A product concentrated to 10% of hydrogen peroxide and which is therefore much more concentrated (0.001% in CQFD toothpastes)

A thermos shaped gutter , perfectly adjusted to your teeth will put the product in contact with your teeth

A duration of application of the product which is either about 5 hours per night for two weeks, or a number of minutes per day, established by your dentist according to the shade of your tooth

Let’s be honest, products used at the dentist can also cause an increase in tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, but you will be followed by a dentist which changes many things.


Another surprising solution … or not:

Here is a timeless and effective technique: brush your teeth!


By regular brushing, long, by an electric toothbrush , which, as we know today better brushes the teeth than a manual brush you go:


Maintain the luster of your teeth

Prevent them from tarnishing over time by coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

White teeth: Grandma’s recipes

recipe grandmother teethGrandma recipes recommend chewing carrots, apples or celery. Indeed, these foods increase saliva production and help remove deposits on the teeth and are safe.


In addition, carrots make them nice, why not use them!


Rubbing lemon on your teeth is to be avoided because the acidity could weaken your enamel and make your teeth more sensitive.