Top secrets from beauty experts that will not cost you a fortune

Looking good can take time, effort and money. However, if you are smart and have some know-how, it does not have to break the bank! We have found some of the best tips from Industry experts and assembled them all here for you. Here is a quick guide to the top beauty secrets that can make you look great and will save you money.

Use lipstick as a blusher

Love your lipstick colours? Then use them on your cheeks! Apply a little with the tips of your fingers, smudge and then use your blusher brush to blend the colour as required.


Smiling is good for you. We look our best when we smile, and it raises a number of endorphins that the body creates. Endorphins reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol that the body produces.

Fuller looking lashes

Take a cotton bud and apply a coat of mascara. Dip the bud into baby powder and apply. Add a final coat of mascara, and it will cling to the baby powder making your lashes look plump.

Applying fragrance

There is a correct way to apply fragrance to make it last throughout the day. Don’t just walk into a misty cloud of perfume, target specific areas. Behind the ears, the wrist, inside elbows and knees, and the bottom of the throat.

Greek Yogurt for spots

Yogurt has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties. Apply to the affected area, and the swelling and soreness will reduce.

Sudocrem, not just for babies bottoms!

Sudocrem is good for babies and good for big babies! You can apply as a moisturiser before bed time or use it on a myriad of rashes, spots, chafing or dry skin.

Pick up Samples

Samples are convenient to use and good to travel with. Collect samples when you are out shopping and stockpile what you do not use. A good way to have lots of different make ups available and at no cost.

Forget brand loyalty

Beauty products are often on promotional offers and discounts. If you are flexible about which brands you will use then, you can take advantage of the best deals.

Shop in different places

Try different shops and places for your makeup and beauty products. You will be surprised where you might find beauty products. Visit some new shops and see what is on offer.

Vaseline, your best friend!

Vaseline has a multitude of uses. You can apply to hair, to smooth or style. Remove eye make up before sleeping. Use as a moisturiser for feet and hands. You don’t always need to apply much as it goes a long way.

Natural lip plumping

Add peppermint oil to your lip gloss. This will firm and plump the lips in the same way as purpose developed and branded products.

Bags under eyes?

Witch hazel is great for reducing swelling under the eyes. Use sparingly and dab onto your eyelids and lashes. Leave to dry for a little while and then gently wipe off with cotton pad and water.

Drink plenty of water

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink, take on water regularly and your body, brain and skin will stay hydrated and fresh.

Face washing

Wash your face regularly. Dirt and grease will accumulate on your face and skin. Wash your face regularly, and this will cleanse your face.

Buy big!

Buying in bulk quantities can save you money. Find a product that the family can all use and take larger volumes.